Sales Thought: Through meeting preparation, up front research about the customer, and great consultative questions, top sales people are viewed as business consultants and go-to problem solvers by customers and prospects

Sales Tactic: Strategic listening is a winning skill for elevating your sales game for each customer.

Example: When called upon to present a product, a sales person I worked with brought their strategic listening skills to the table. Rather than just focusing on their product, they spent considerable time learning about the customer’s business. Although the sales person also had to present what they were selling, they spent most of the time listening to the customer talk about their business and business issues. This helped the sales person understand the customer’s true needs.

As a result, the sales person won the deal and established a reputation with the customer for being focused on understanding true business needs and addressing them directly.

If a customer doesn’t want to talk about his or her own company, this should be a warning signal to the sales person!

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