Sales Thought: Key Elements for the Account Planning Process

To be effective, the Account Planning Process must include several Elements:

• Dynamic: The plan is continually changing, because things are continually changing. The Planning Process is ever changing, because that is the nature of most successful relationships with Clients

• Team-oriented: Getting the right Resources from the Customer Engaged with the Seller or Selling Team, ensuring that all who will interact with the Customer will form a unified front in their interaction with the Customer

• Relationship-based: Unless you are selling today’s version of a “Hot” Product, building and maintaining a Relationship with your Buyer will make or break 95% of all Selling situations.

• Collaborative: Working both with your organization and then with the Customer Elevates how the Customer will think about the Seller and/or Selling organization.

• Ever evolving: In this day and age Plans have to be updated on an ever-increasing basis. Is this the sign of a bad plan?  No Quite the Contrary, in most cases, it is the sign of a very good plan. As Progress is made, the plan needs to be updated to reflect the progress that has been made and where we will next work on advancing the work we are doing with each Customer.

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