Sales Thought: There are 3 Elements of Success for Any Account Management

In my work with sales teams, I have seen teams go from where they had:

• No Relationships with anyone at the buyers business they were trying to sell to
• No Pipeline for sales
• No successful users of their product

… to an evolution where they were able to get the Customer not only using their product but also buying more of it to address other Business issues at that particular customer. This is most often achieved by ensuring that you are doing all three things at once:

•  Relationship – is not parachuting people in to have dinner with a Prospect, it is about building a real relationship

•  Pipeline – is not about selling one deal – it is about outlining to the Customer how your product can help them not only address their current business Issue, but other issues in the long run.

•  Customer Success – Focusing on making sure that once they are sold, that the Company you work for will help them be successful with the product.

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