Sales Thoughts: Great Sales Teams focus on the end game and don’t get caught up in “activity for activity’s sake.” (Especially near year or quarter end!)

It is very typical for a Sales Team to have a major focus on “year end.” The problem is: If one is narrowly focused on the current sale, it can cause a lot of problems.

One of the most frequent symptoms of “short-term behavior” is when you get caught up in activity that may or may not be sending you down a good path. This is also called “activity for activity’s sake.” The problem is that, in most businesses, while year’s end is important, it can cause you to veer away from more effective sales behavior, such as:

• Understanding your customer’s evolving needs.

• Staying current on your customer’s business status.

It’s great for a Sales Team to set targets and goals. It is not so great to show the customer that all you care about is the “next deal.” Here is a decision that everyone in sales has to make:

Choice 1: All that matters is the next deal, OR

Choice 2: You focus on the long run; bringing value to each customer you work with.

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