Sales Thought: Account planning, done correctly, is hard work. Developing account plans doesn’t happen overnight

Change your focus from simply selling more to selling more – profitably. It’s true that some product sales require that you just sell more. It does depend on what you sell. Truly accomplished sales people take on a variety of activities that will help them be successful with a particular account – not just in the short run, but also for the long haul. The real question for a sales people is not “selling more.” It’s making the moves to make the sale:

• Profitable – Because otherwise your company cannot afford to consistently do business this way!
• Win-Win – Good for both sides – because true sales professionals focus on true “win-win.” Otherwise, the sales cycle is typically not repeatable!

To achieve win-win selling: What is often lacking is something that sounds simple. But, if done correctly, it’s not easy at all!

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