Sales Thought: 2 Key Points to always uncover: “WHO is responsible for achieving the goal within the customer’s organization?” and “How urgent is it?”

I talked about the financial services customer with the goal of reducing costs. Understanding the customer’s business drivers, the goals, and the strategies was the first part of the sales process. Next, through effective questioning, I was able to link my products and services to the customer’s business drivers.

But the link to the business drivers, while essential for making the sale, was not sufficient to ensure a speedy close. Moving the sale forward expeditiously requires an understanding of additional information about the customer’s organizational dynamics. To get there …

The next step was for me to better understand WHO was responsible for achieving the goal and how URGENT achievement of the goal was to the organization.

The rest of the story was getting to the intersection of these two additional important understandings.

Sales Tactic:

1. Ask questions to determine WHO owns the goal or business driver within the organization.
a. WHO in the organization is achievement of the goal most important?
b. WHO is the organization holding accountable for achieving the goal?
2. How URGENT for the customer organization to resolve or achieve the goal?

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