Sales Thought: Just because you can sell a Big Product doesn’t mean you are automatically strategic.

Many successful sales people get the job done because they are good at “getting deals done.” Nothing wrong with this and, at some companies, it is the clear way to be successful. However, something interesting happens when you go from being a sales person to being a “strategic” seller. For some customers and, for some sales people, it is all about deals. However, sometimes that’s not enough!

Remember, the old: ”price drop” technique has gone the way of the dinosaur.

If you are currently in sales and suddenly you are transferred to the role of being a strategic sales person with key customer accounts, things have to change!

Strategic sellers have to look at things a little differently than they did before taking on this role.

• How does your customer do business? What are the businesses needs going forward?
• How do your products help the customer achieve their goals?
• Do you have a plan in order to achieve your goal in working with that particular customer?

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