Sales Thought: Sellers Rarely get in trouble asking good, well thought out questions

If you have done the proper advance work, and you are asking questions that demonstrate your understanding of the customer’s business, you are now in a great position to being positioning the capabilities of your products and services. Demonstrate how the capabilities you are discussing will help achieve part or all of the customer’s goals.

Sales Thought: What experienced sales people do well, is ask questions of the Customer; questions based on prior learning and research.

Example: I regularly monitor press releases from my key customers. From a recent press release I learned a customer had indicated they planned to expand operations internationally.
During my next routine follow-up call on the customer I asked 2 questions of a C-level executive at the account:

“I have been following the news of your planned international expansion.

1. Does this expansion affect your role within the company?

Turns out it did. The international expansion meant a significant increase in responsibility for this executive. She told me a great deal about her expanded role – the things she was looking forward to and some concerns.

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