Sales Thought: Key Sales Issues Circa 2014: Learning, Process, Questioning, Teams, Long Run, Win-Win

I cover a lot of ground in Sales Thoughts.  I wanted to summarize some of top items that I see no matter the environment.- These are Key in 2014, even more so than before! Think on these words:

Learning, Process, Questioning,Teams, Long Run, Win-Win

• It’s Not “Always Be Closing” it is “Always Be Learning.” The moment a Great Seller stops learning, they stop being a Great Seller. It is about being continually aware of what is going on in the market and adapting.

• Focus on Process First: Great Sellers are Process Experts. Each Element that is covered in this book is designed to be Part of an overall Process. Depending on what you do and what you sell, the importance of each section can be debated. What is not up for debate is that it is all a part of a Process

• Learn to ask Good Questions: Learning this one skill will help you become a MUCH better Seller. If you don’t do this, then you will have difficulty internalizing the rest of the Process.

• Learn to work in a Team Environment: Great Sellers are Team Players, not Commandos. Work within a team Environment, and you will be better off in the long run.

• Play for the Long Run: Great Sellers are focused on working an Account from a Long Term, Win-Win perspective. Getting a deal here or a deal there does not make a great seller. Learning how to execute and repeat is what matters!

• Win-Win is Key: If you don’t focus on this, it is only a matter of time before it comes back to haunt you! You may win a deal here or a deal there, but great sellers believe in this very important concept!

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