Sales Thought: If you are not Demonstrating “Win-Win” with your approach, don’t expect your customer to be your partner!

Sales Thought: If you are not demonstrating “Win-Win” with your sales approach, don’t expect the customer to be a partner in the selling process! Win-Win matters and results in long term profitable deals!
Admittedly, the sales process makes it easy to create a winner and a loser in every selling event. Many people believe that every sale results in a winner and a loser. While this belief may be true about some specific situations, sales processes that produce winners and losers are not healthy for a long-term relationship. Customers have likely experienced a previous sales process where they felt like the loser. Thus, sales people often feel like they have lost even when they make the sale. Naturally, customers who have been burned in the past by sales people are working hard to win this time. Defining a credible win-win approach to selling and working with your customer to implement this approach is healthier and less stressful for both parties.

I recommend that all sales professionals become convinced that sales can yield a win-win outcome and that they start every sale looking for the possibility that there be no losers. Adopting this approach and selling philosophy allows you to act in an honorable fashion and benefits you, your company, and your customer.

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