Sales Thought: In this Era, Sales is More and More Team Execution

Unless you are selling something small and cheap, today’s Always On Culture Demands a Team to Win.

It does not mean that there are not individuals who play important roles in the process, but it is about the Team.

In Most all Sales Processes, it is about 3 Things:

1.  Relationship – Do you have a “Real” Relationship with the Customer

2.  Product – Does your Product Fulfill a Need that Customer has

3.  Customer Success – Are are you Focused on Your Customer’s Overall and Long Term Satisfaction.

Now, there are no Absolutes.  But if you- or someone on the Team – does not address all 3 of these issues, it will come back to Hurt you- usually at the worst Possible Time.  End of Month, Quarter, or Year.

Be Aware and address these items.

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