Sales Thought: Sales is like playing Billiards or Chess: Always Be Considering the Next Shot!

In Sales, while the emphasis for most people is on the here and now, successful sales people are always setting up their Next Shot.  This provides you the ability to be successful now, and but to lay out a path for future Success.

Those who play Billiards or Chess: The best Players are always thinking Moves ahead.  Think about approaching Sales from this perspective:  This can be very valuable both within the Company as well as at the Customer.

From the Company Perspective, it allows the Company to see where they can take a Customer in the Long run and continue to Reinforce the Path for Future Success.  In this day and age of Short Attention Spans, this can help the Company “Stay on the Radar” of the Customer

From the Customer Perspective, they see that the Company is not just about selling them something now, but is thinking about a longer term Relationship.  While this is not an all the time thing, it does help both the Company and the Customer see the future and how it may turn out.

Both Sides can Win in this situation!

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