Sales Thought: Effective Sales Professionals DON’T feel the need to carry Every Customer Conversation.

Effective sales professionals DON’T feel the need to carry every customer conversation.

You will be more effective when you don’t take this approach.

So many people in sales seem to think it is important for them to talk about what they are selling. The issue with this “my product is important” mindset (and the accompanying sales pitch) is that both reinforce the buyer’s opinion of you as “just another sales person.”

Sales Thought: True sales professionals find the right mix of talking and listening in each selling situation.

Most great sales people focus on upfront learning about each potential customer’s needs. This occurs during the opening conversation. While your initial goal should be to go through “classic” discovery, more and more, clients are expecting sales people to come in being more prescriptive. Now, it certainly depends on who you are representing, but many clients won’t give you the time to go through a lot of Discovery until you have earned the right to go through it.

As such, many sales professionals have to go through the process of demonstrating that they understand the customer walking in to the situation. It is not about knowing all about the customer, but it is about being able to start out by saying:

“We have helped a variety of organizations in similar situations address a variety of business needs, including X, Y, and Z.”

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