Sales Thoughts: Account Planning is a Process, not an Event. The Next Sale to that Customer is just one step in the Process!

Many sales people I have worked with over the years think of planning as a “checking the box” exercise. Too many sales people focus on the next deal and how they can get that “next big one” positioned for landing. This clearly works for a small segment of sales people. Ask yourself this: If you are working with a large account, do you want the customer to think of you as being a strategic partner or a sales person? If being a strategic partner is your goal, then set about establishing a plan that benefits everyone involved:

• The sales person
• The Sales Team
• The company
• And, most particularly, the Customer

For most of your accounts, it is helpful to maintain a rolling 3-month planning horizon for each account. It’s a good idea not to just work a “task list,” but to focus on the bigger picture.

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