Sales Thought: Avoid Pushing Prospects to perform “Unnatural Acts” to suit your Timeframe to Sell

With End of Quarter/Year coming up for most, I remind people to be careful how hard you push Prospects to Perform “Unnatural Acts” to suit you timetable.

If you are a Public Company, Your Customers know that it is your end of quarter or year- many tune their Buying Processes to fit this timeframe.

However, if you are pushing your customer to Buy in YOUR timeframe, this can make a cascade of bad things to happen:

-Desperation is sensed: Customer pushes you for Further Discounts

-Customer WON’T act because they don’t know where the Desperation stems from

-Customer REALLY is not ready to buy and just feels as if you are pushing for your reasons, not for their benefit.

-Customer is Focused on solving a Real Problem and believes that if it is all about Price to you, then you won’t are after the Sale is one.

I realize people Buy and Sell for different Reasons.   There are times that a well placed Discount can indeed work well, if you have “Checked All The Boxes” on the Sell and Buy Sides of the Equation.  However, too often, I have seen Sellers Rely on what I call “Unnatural Acts” to make a sale, and this takes from a reasonable, well conducted Sales Process.

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