Sales Thought: Focus is critical for sales teams. Don’t buy into wild changes of direction. Stay focused on the big picture!

Focus is critical for sales teams. Don’t buy into wild changes of direction. Stay focused on the big picture!

Consistent execution is key to sales success. I have noticed that companies often make changes to sales strategy when they think it will rapidly improve sales. Actually, when you make major sales strategy changes the sales team is forced to adjust everything they have put in place with their customers. Everyone, you and the customer, can lose in these situations.

The impacts for each are:

• Selling Company: The sales company loses credibility with frequent changes to sales strategy because the changes typically confuse your employees more than helping to make them more successful. No one likes change, except a wet baby. The sales team blames your company for creating confusion and uncertainty. Some sales people leave the company when this occurs, for they want to find a place that is more stable.

• Teams: Changes to sales strategy can look bad to customers. The Sales Team looks like they don’t know what they are doing when they keep approaching customers with ever- changing messages.

• Customers: Customers don’t want to work with companies that are continuingly changing the rules of engagement. They get nervous and antsy. Continually changing selling direction complicates the buying decision and often engenders doubt about your company’s stability and direction. Doubt is not good for closing.

So, you can’t continuously change strategy. Therefore you need to set an “A” Strategy and manage towards it. If you continuously change strategies, you end up confusing the customer and making your sales force uneasy.

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