Sales Thought: Non-Selling doesn’t mean not getting the Sale. It means earning the Sale!

Sales Thought: Non-selling doesn’t mean not getting the sale. It means earning the sale.

In order to bring value to the customer, focus on what the customer is trying to accomplish, not what you are trying to accomplish. Instead of selling, help the customer achieve their ends. If you can find a way to legitimately connect what the customer is trying to accomplish to what you sell – and here I mean without a stretch, passing the red face test – then you have a chance to bring real value to the customer. If on the other hand, you cannot legitimately help solve the customer’s problem with your product, then help them solve it with another viable solution.

The way successful sales people create Zen-like selling is through a well thought out series of questions that help lead to a fundamental insight for the seller and, perhaps more importantly, for the customer. This insight and understanding about what the customer really wants to accomplish may be beyond what the customer initially understood.

It may not be Obvious on how to make the Connection.  I always try to encourage Sales People to go One Step Further in Understanding the Why and Why Now issues!

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