Sales Thought: Do you really understand and want to do Account Planning? It can be VERY valuable if executed properly. If not…..

Definition of Account Planning: A dynamic, Ever Changing Plan that ensures greater and long term Sales success.

Planning is something that most sales professionals say they want to do. That is until they realize that Account Planning requires actually having to update/upgrade the way they interact with Customers. This proves to be a sticking point with some sales professionals, but those that choose to go down this account planning path, often separate themselves from the vast majority of Sellers.

The key element is to always be sure to understand your customer’s Ever-evolving needs. This means that you need to stay current on your customer’s business status. If you don’t do this, the odds are that whatever you position (plan to sell) will be out of date with customer needs. Account Planning is labeled “dynamic” for a good reason: Proper Plans are updated in an ongoing basis based on ever changing work with the particular Customer.

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