Sales Thought: Your Sales Pitch, no matter how good, will only work for 2% of the Customers on the first Call!

With these low odds for success on the first call, don’t waste time pitching features and functionality. Better to spend your time learning the customer’s provocation for buying in your early sales calls. This approach is often referred to as a “discovery call”, because the goal of early calls should be to discover the reasons behind the client’s need — the business provocation.

Unless you are selling something so new as to be viewed by your potential customer as a truly “Better Mousetrap,” the reality is that you are working with a customer who has probably looked at this issue before, and previously decided the that the timing was not right to address this problem. If the timing is now right for the customer, use the early calls with the Customer to learn the basis for their interest.

Bonus Thought: For many Sales, the vast amount of information means that you have a very smart Buyer.  They will likely expect you go come to the meeting already knowing about their business.

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