Sales Thought: If you don’t believe in Strategic Sales Planning, Don’t make your Sale Professionals do it!

What you sell and the complexity of your product should drive your selling methodology. There are schools of thought that focus on simply focusing on “getting the next deal.” There is nothing wrong with this approach, particularly if your focus is just transaction-to- transaction. And it’s okay if that is how you want to run your sales organization. But, if getting the next deal is how you want to drive your Sales Team, you have to accept the fact that you will likely be viewed as a transaction seller. If transaction selling is where you want to be, I am not here to tell you it’s wrong. The reality is transaction-to-transaction selling can be a successful approach.

The downside is that your customers will never view you as a strategic vendor.

If you want to establish deeper relationships with an account, you have to develop a plan to drive the account relationship forward.

Some sales managers and sales executives just want to have their cake and eat it too. They want to be both a strategic vendor with key customer accounts – developing long-term relationships within the account – AND want the sales professionals who work for them to get deals done in a hurry. Rarely do the two approaches mix well in practice.

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