Sales Thoughts: At the Beginnin of Each Quarter, Systematically Execute a Critical Assessment on all Activities on ALL Accounts!

At the beginning of each quarter, systematically provide a critical assessment (Stop/Start/Continue) on ALL planned sales activities for ALL accounts!
One of the most difficult things for sales people to do is to stop doing stuff. In most cases, sales people focus on “staying busy” and on activity. While activity is important, it can be very dangerous to find yourself in an activity mode, simply doing things without having an overall Game Plan in place.

Most good salespeople are very good at critically assessing themselves. They focus on determining what needs to be done for each account on a fairly continual basis. The reason that this is important is that, if you keep doing actions that are not connected to higher-level strategies, goals, or tactics, you end up with a finished a set of activities. But you may still find yourself asking an embarrassing question:

“Why did I just do all of those things for this Customer/Account/Opportunity?”

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