Sales Thought: You Earn the right to speak and be listened to by your Customer – The Ball Moves Forward or Back Each Time!

Think about this example… You arrive at a sales conference for a little networking. You strike up a conversation with a rep from a company you’d like to learn about. She talks for about 15 minutes about their new killer product line, why she came to the conference, sales prospects she is pursuing, why her products are so good and how sales are booming. You patiently nod your head and listen.

Meanwhile you are learning a lot, although you are waiting your turn to talk. When she stops for oxygen, you finally get to interject your name and company. She says, “Oh great. Can you get me in to see it and the right person to purchase my product?” You give her the name of the right person. She says thanks and walks off to her next “presentation” victim.

This is NOT the way you want to get attention with a potential Customer

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