Sales Thought: Moving Forward to the next Sale with an Existing Customer!

Starting the next sales cycle with an existing customer.

So you want to be around for the next sales cycle, eh? Well there are a 2 key things you can at the close of the first sales cycle to better position yourself for the next sale within this new account:

1. Make sure you have done your homework and demonstrated you understand the customer’s existing and evolving business issues.
2. Ensure you help the customer understand how you can help them address their current need AND longer-term needs.

There are 3 Fundamental Issues you need to “Check” if you want to work with a client on a Longer Term Basis:

1.  Relationship – Building one that will be sustainable

2.  Product Fit – Short and Long Term

3.  Customer Success – are you Dedicated to it or just trying to sell something?

Think about where you want and Can go with your Customer!

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