Sales Thought: For the Holiday Season, there are things you can be doing!

First, I wish everyone a very Happy Holiday Season!

While I know the focus is on Family and Friends, if you have some time off, what can you be doing to move your Sales Forward?

There is more than you think!  Since all forms of Real Traffic will be Insane (Malls, Roads, etc.) then you can reach out to people Virtually.  If you have not already done a Holiday Card- be it Virtual or Not to your clients, DON’T do it now!

Most of your Customers, just like the rest of us, will be overwhelmed with Family Responsibilities.  Therefore, what sometimes works is a Simple but Sincere Holiday Greeting and a Wish for a successful 2015,  What sometimes also works is the Taking them Back to why they were interested in talking to you in the first place.

If it is New Customers you are reaching out to, be very Directed in your communication.  The Communication should include:

1.  Greeting

2.  Comment on their Business – where they are headed, based on what you have learned about them.

3  Comment on how what you provide can Enable them to one or more things better than they do now.

4  An offer to provide more information in the future.

This will get you further than most Regular Sales People.

I hope this gives some of you ideas on where you can go!

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