Sales Thought: Unless You have Perfect Information, Perfect Execution is not Possible!

Rapid execution of an 80% complete sales plan is better than waiting for 100% of the information to be available before executing. Rapid execution is everything.  I hear Terms thrown around that are flat Wrong when it comes to Rapid Execution.  Amongst them is the Term Velocity.  This Term is Improperly Used by Companies to describe what they want to do.  It is Completely Incorrect.

I consistently see sales teams slowing down by seeking too much information before executing a sales plan. They have the mistaken idea that they need to have perfect information to be perfect on execution. Perfect execution should not be a goal. Perfect execution is a standard of excellence to strive for. But this standard can rarely if ever be attained, particularly in complex sales.

Finding a balance in the level of information in the plan takes time. Focus on the covering the big stuff and don’t sweat the smaller details.

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