Sales Thought: It is not about a Methodology, it is about Consistent Execution of a Process

We have all heard of the next great Methodology as being the Be All, and End All.

Whatever Methodology you use, what i am confident of is that that is has to be a Consistently executed Process.  There are several Caveats:

1.  Process Must be Used on a Top Down Basis.  Bottom Up Does not work and it simply gets more people confused than they already are.

2.  It must be based on Execution of a Plan.  The Customer and the Company must be in on it.

3.  The Plan must be Documented and Updated.  The Plan WILL Change!

I have seen too many companies invest too much time in doing this the wrong way.  an Overformalization of the Process will simply turn people away.  If it is not used consistently, people just get frusrated.

If you Only use it to “Check The Box” just don’t have it in place.

If it is all about “Closing Deals” then you will be trapped in that Cycle Forever!

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