Sales Thought: 2015 – This is the year to take your sales efforts to the next level! EXECUTION is EVERYTHING!

As a good friend reminded me, “We are all Selling something! (Thanks Lawton Hydrick!)”  At the Beginning of a New Year, it is time to review what you have done; but more importantly, What you CAN do to make this one different from the last!

I will speak to 2 levels of Sales:

+Opportunity Level: For you, it is each Opportunity that you focus on.  Review the things you have done when a Good Sale took place vs when it did not go well.  Identify those Steps that can be repeated and focus on Starting out the New Year Committing to Replicate those Steps!

+Account Level: If you are working on Accounts, and hope to sell more to some of those same accounts, my suggestion is to Look at Each Account from 3 Angles: Relationship, Revenue/RoadMap, and Customer Success.  You should have a game Plan for how you will handle each of these elements.  If you don’t, another Seller likely will take the Client away from you by doing 1, 2 or all 3 better than you do.

In the Era of “Information Everywhere All The Time,” the pressure is on Sellers to Execute Better.  Whether you are selling at the Opportunity or Account Level – EXECUTION is EVERYTHING – EIE!

As we close out 2014, I am confident that for Sellers are focused on ABL (Always Be Learning) and who believe in EIE will be the Winners in their field!

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