Sales Thought: Sales People and Sales Managers: Get an Outside Perspective to avoid Pilot Syndrome

If you are deep into Deals as either a Manager or Sales Rep, it is likely you are VERY close to the Action!

You would say “Of Course I am, that is my job.”

Indeed it is. However, one of the most important things to do is to get some Outside Perspective when you are Deep In the Middle of Transactions.

My Father, who was a USAF Rescue Pilot, use to say that Pilots, Especially those that are flying very high, often are are Very Close To The Sun.  The Problem with being very close to the Sun is sometimes you get Burned.

So, if you are deep in the middle of deals, be careful you are not so close that you will get burned.  The best way to fight this off of is to get some Outside Perspective.  Get a Colleague, a Coach, or a Friend to look at your Deal and give you a Fresh Perspective.  When you get So Close to deals, you often miss things but they may be obvious to an Outside observer.

Could be a good idea as you start 2015: Have an outside Source look at your key deals for the Coming Quarter.  They can probably give you some new Ideas!

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