Sales Thought: Repeating the Zen Theme from earlier – Try Not Selling in certain Situations and Be an Enabler!

I realize it is the beginning of the year, but it may be of interest for you as a New idea to try some new things.

Focus on Value as much as anything in the early part of the year.  Take advantage of the fact you that this is a New Year (At least Calendar!) and that gives you a chance to Reset how you work with your Client or Clients.

I encourage you to see how long you can talk about Value with a Customer avoid bringing up the Product itself.  It may seem strange, but it is better to focus on Value first and then let the conversation come around to how your Product will help bring Value to your customer to by Enabling them to solve a Particular Issue.

Sellers that focus on the big picture have the greatest chance to be viewed in a different light. By focusing on learning (from and about the customer) and not selling, the Seller can demonstrate to the Customer, knowledge of the business issues that are top of mind to the Customer.

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