Sales Thought: As 2015 Dawns, are you Exploring all of the Angles of Attack?

As We hit the First Full Work Week of 2015, there are people out there who are looking at their Sales from all different perspectives.   The Three Words I encourage you to keep Front of Mind are: Angles of Attack.

Regardless if you had a Great 2014 or you felt that you could have done more, one of the most important concepts for those in Sales and Sales Management to come to grips with is that of looking outside of their Usual Targets and determining the different Angles of Attack to pursue.

What this means is that if you have been pushing in one area and not getting the results you want, the time is Now, with the start of the New Year, to look at new and different ways to position yourself.  This is what I call Pursuing different Angles of Attack.  Clearly, this will work differently depending on what you are selling and who your Target Audience is.  Let’s look a few Examples:

1.  Different Audience: Pursuing a different Person, Role, or Title to Sell To

2.  Changing Message: You may want to try out a New Message going into the New Year

3.  Focus on Different Capabilities: Your Product may be positioned in different ways with different people, depending on what it does and what it COULD do.

These are a few Examples.  In all cases, don’t Settle for selling the Product with the Same Message to the Same Audience!

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