Sales Thought: Evaluate your Process at the beginning of the Year!

To all who are finishing their first full day of 2015, We wish you all a very Happy New Year.

In talking to various sales resources about Year End/New Year kind of discussions, there are several tracks that They take:

1.  “I was Really Busy, but could not get things to Close.”

2.  “I need to generate more Activity.”

3.  “I don’t understand where I am going Wrong.”

Each of these are their own discussion in their own right.  I am going to take this first Full Day of 2015 to address the Notion of “Sales Process Evaulation.”

Take Each Statement and I can attach a Sales Process Attribute to it:

1.  Evaluate what you are doing and where you are spending your time.  Do you have a Repeatable Process that you are trying to replicate, or are you just “Staying Busy.”

2.  Generating Activity can be code for “Staying Busy.”  A better way to look at it is to Evaluate the Message to your Prospect and make sure that it make Sense to a majority of them.  If not, you may need to take a Step Back.

3.  I would suggest looking at the Process you are going through.  Sometimes, you have to Push yourself to do things a different way, even if it is not the same way you have done it in the past.

I will go into more detail on each of these in Future Posts.  For, Look at where you are and where you Could Go!

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