Sales Thought – From a Sales Process Perspective Remember: Quid Pro Quo

One of the 3 items I touched on to kick the year off and what it Really means!

“I was Really Busy, but could not get things to Close.”

In sales, there are 3 words you Must Remember: Quid Pro Quo.  For Anything you are doing for a Customer, what are you getting back?

If your answer is that you are “Still in the Evaluation,” Take this as a is a warning sign.  It often means that you do not have a Sales Process and are simply in Response Mode.  You can be very Active with Customers/Prospects, but not getting to the End Goal.

Look at your Process Steps.  If they are not by Design Moving things forward, you are likely caught in the Activity Trap.  If you keep offering to do things for your Customers/Prospect, they will usually say Yes.

It leads to you being very busy, but not accomplishing a lot.  Take the time to Evaluate what you are doing and what you are getting from Each Step.

If there is not a Clear “Give To Get,” you will be Giving forever!

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