Sales Thought: Focus on acting as a Sales Team: Bring ALL of your available resources to bear on Key Accounts!

In many Environments, working as a team is critical to success. Team selling has become more important as customers have become better informed.

Customers can more fully keep up with what is going on by utilizing the Internet and other readily available resources. This way they generally know all about your business, your products, and your reputation in the marketplace. They also have deep questions about your products and business practices.

Most sales people cannot provide the level and array of information demanded by this new breed of well-informed customers. While Sales Professionals can attempt to provide all the answers, we must seriously consider the time-cost to the sales person and what impacts will encroach on the Customer Relationship.

Today, your customers expect to receive high levels of service and product information that can help them become more successful.  Focus on being a source of information and resources to your customer. I call this “marshaling resources.” As a master of marshaling resources you accomplish two very important things:

1. The marshaling resources strategy represents a level of organizational maturity and sales-ability that many organizations cannot deliver.

2. You have the chance to separate yourself into an elite level of sales person by demonstrating this level of attention to detail to your Buyer.

Remember this:

If you don’t take this approach, what makes you think your competition won’t Out Team, Outsell and Out Execute you?

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