Sales Thought: Selling Processes are NOT the Enemy. Poor Execution of a Sales Process IS!

Poor execution of Sales Process is the problem that usually screams out for attention in many organizations.

This is usually an issue of selling Companies not getting it. Many times, they are just moving so fast that they don’t really know how to bring it all together and Implement a Process that both Drives Revenue and ensures proper execution.

In 2015 many people think that selling is all about “art,” “gut feel”, and “winging” it. While many view it as a classic battle of art versus science, I think there are solid elements of both. Good Sales Processes demand a logical merger of both.

There are some business leaders who don’t believe in Sales Process at all.

Unfortunately, some business leaders think that sales people just “do it.” While this sales-as-an-art-form approach may be true in some organizations, it is not the case in the majority – and certainly not the norm for the big players. Look around. Major sales organizations have invested in sophisticated Sales Processes that empower and support their sales people.

The leaders know that a well-implemented Sales Process, backed by the organization at all levels, ensures that Sales Professionals can effectively sell and deliver value to each customer!

When an organization begins to grow, a decently designed Sales Process will help sustain growth. Without a real process, any organization can and will run into issues around execution in one or more areas.

Warning signs that you need a Sales Process (or signs your current process is no longer adequate):

1. Approvals become harder to get.
2. More rules start to interfere with the process

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