Sales Thought: Make sure you keep your Sales Process Relevant to Current Situation and workable for the team!

Sales professional who chafe at following a process may or may not have a point.

I have observed situations where the sales planning process for a start-up company began as an effective sales approach. As the company grew, the leadership saw no need to change the sales approach. When sales begin to languish, sales leadership, and most particularly the founders, thought that the answer was for the sales team to work harder.

If your business started out in a garage, with five people, fine, but the sales process for a start-up has a lifespan based on company growth. As an organization grows, it has to have new sales eyes come in with a fresh look at how the sales process is working; or not working.

As the organization finally came to grips with their sales process problem, it was determined that new planning steps – and in some cases new people – would be injected into a reformulated selling approach. The new sales process included new rewards systems that ensured that those that were doing a good job would be rewarded and streamlined processes – reducing process steps from weeks down to days, or in some cases hours.

Always address the sales process situation as it is now – not how it was in the past – or how it might be in the future.

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