Sales Thought: Territory Planning – Doing Less and Being Smarter about it!

It is nothing new to look at Territory Planning.  The Key is not to do More.  The Key is to do Less, but being Smarter about it.

The Most Common Metric for a Sales Job is the Metric around Numbers: Numbers of Calls, Numbers of Contacts, Numbers of Touches.  It goes by different names, but it is always about Numbers.

Always keep this in mind: You don’t want to be the Dog that Catches the Car!  If you get someone interested or Focused on your Product/Company, the Scary Question is “Now What do I do?”

This is where Territory Planning Really comes into play.  What is important is not just to look at the numbers of people you should be talking to, but when you get a “Bite,” to have thought about how to take it all the way to the End.  So, Planning should be all about where you spend your time from beginning to end of the Process.  To Not do things like this will result in a very busy sales person who may not accomplish a lot.

When you talk to a Sales Person and they say “I am really busy, but can’t seem to get things to Close,” the Root Cause of this is a bad Territory Plan in the first Place.  There are certainly other issues that may be at play, but that is a topic for another Post!

Take it back to the Beginning, and look at:

Who you are targeting and Why.  Classify Potential Customers based on the ability to take it Forward.

Have a plan laid out that makes sense, STARTING with the Territory Plan!

It is NOT just a Numbers game!

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