Sales Thought: Territory Execution Requires Discipline FIRST, then Actions!

As an add-on to my prior Blog entry on Territory Planning, now comes some of the Tough Calls to make.

All Sales is, in most cases, a numbers game.  However, too many people make it all about Quantity and not about Quality of Numbers.  It is about quality of Actions which will lead to the Right Numbers Game being played!

It is all about trying to ensure that as you divided up your 168 hours per week, how are you going to spend it?  You Must Prioritize your Accounts based on up to 3 Criteria, and recognize you will likely miss some along the way.

The most Frequent Metric I see used is: A, B, C.  Understand:

A Accounts – 75-80% of Your Time

B Accounts – 25-50% of Your Time

C Accounts – 10% of Your Time

It can only add up to 100%, no matter what!

It is about Discipline around how you spend the time, then Focused Intensity of Actions!

Make sure you can look back on a Month by Month basis and recognize that your Actions had a Purpose, and then those Purposes led you down a Path.

Without out Disciplined Territory Planning, you may “Do” a lot, but you will not Accomplish Very Much!

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