Sales Thought: Sales Process Updates are the Most Critical for Second Generation Sellers!

For most companies that are starting up, they get the Best of the Best out of the Gate.  The “Unconscious competent” are always in search of the next Hot Start Up.  They are the First Generation of Sellers at each Company.  They are good and Figure out how to be successful at Start ups despite Lack of a lot of things: Resource, Marketing, Support, Messaging, etc.  That is why the First Generation is at the Hot Start Up.  They just “Get It.”

Not so for the Second Generation of Sellers at these Hot Companies.  Companies are still Hot, but the Sellers often come in expecting certain things Like Process to be Documented. When it isn’t, these Second Generation Sellers Struggle.  When called up by these Second Generation Sellers to explain how they were successful, the First Generation has a difficult time.  That is because they just “Do It.” They have figured it out, and they just do it.  It is why Star Athletes Rarely make the Transition to Coach.  Stars Just Get it, but can’t tell you how or why.

So, at most companies, the most Critical update of Sales Process is from that First to Second Generation.  Smart Companies invest a lot of time here and make sure that they have Established and Documented Repeatable (Note that Word!) Sales Processes so Future Sellers can Follow what has worked Previously.

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