Sales Thought: Always Be Learning – The New Mantra in a Fast Changing World

With all due Respect to Glengarry Glen Ross – which was and still is the All Time Great Sales Movie!  It was said that it is “ABC – Always Be Closing.”  For the year 2015, for all Sales People, Support, etc, it is “ABL – Always Be Learning!”

Given the pace of Technology Change, the companies and Sales People I see struggle are the ones who think “I have been doing this for a long time.  I know my Stuff.”  No offense to anyone, but whatever “Stuff” thought you knew is likely no longer the “Stuff” you need to know.

It does not mean that what you know is not a benefit.  But one of my favorite sayings about Business and Sales Planning is the debate that I often hear with Senior Leaders how are looking for the “Perfect Answer” to a particular Business or Sales situation.  I have bad news for you: Without Perfect Information, a Perfect Answer is not Possible!   And since Perfect Information likely does not Exist, you have to make the best Guess You can!

So, Learn Fast, apply the Learning and make the best Decision you can make about the Opportunity or Account, and Know that in the coming Quarter, it may likely need to be Updated!

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