Sales Thought: Relationship Management is Better Executed WITHOUT an Opportunity in Play!

When do most companies send in their best People?  When there is a Big Deal on the Line!

The problem with this strategy is it leaves the Customer always wondering:

“If I go forward with them, How will I Be Treated when the Deal is Done?”

So, although it may seem to be a mistake, I think it is best if we send in Our Best Resources when there is NO opportunity at Play.

When you Consider working with a Customer, there are 3 things at Play:

1.  Relationship: Who do you know and who do you Want to know?

2.  RoadMap to Revenue or MORE Revenue: If they are success with the first Project, won’t they Come Back?

3.  Customer Success: if we are NOT focused here, then Items 1 and 2 tend to fall apart.

To a Customer, what matters is there using your product, going live and be Successful.  So, since we are still in the early part of the year, I encourage all of you to determine where some attention to certain accounts NOW that don’t have a Deal pending my lead to big things down the road!

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