Sales Thought: Customer Collaboation – Do You really get it or just talk the talk?

Let’s talk frankly about how the world really operates for sales people in the current sales climate. No matter what you are selling, no one buys from you to “help you out.” They won’t buy from you because you are a nice person, well dressed, or can articulate a super presentation, show-up with a killer slide deck, and handout a nice looking brochure.

Sales Thought: On a sales call, you are always there to help the customer – not the other way around.

True sales professionals are focused on making the linkage between the customer’s stated needs and the products they hope to sell. This type of behavior is the basis of true customer collaboration.

Customer collaboration is not easy. In point of fact it is really hard to do. Customer collaboration requires that you act in a true partnership fashion with the customer and there are 2 things that get in the way of that collaboration:

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