Sales Thought: The 5 Most Important skills for Anyone in Sales!

I was just asked this question by a friend and I thought I would turn it into a Post that is sure to get the Debate started!  I was asked:
“What would you say are the top five skills that everyone in sales needs?”
So, many of these items you have seen before in different areas of the Blog and the Book!  Here was my answer!
1.  Listening – Great Sales People are Strategic Listeners.  They can Cut through the various and sundry elements of the sales process and make sure of the Elements behind the Issue being addressed.
2.  Ask Great Questions – A logical follow from being a Strategic Listener is to ask Great Questions.  If you ask Great Questions, you will learn much more than the Answer to the question you are asking!
3.  Think long-term while executing short-term (have a plan!) – This is a tough one for many sellers.  They get SO focused on the deal at hand that there is no “Long Term” in their thought process.  In their defense, it is hard to think strategically when you are being pressed all the time for Short Term Wins!  Great Sellers know how to do both.  You MUST have a Plan!
4.  Relationship Management – this s more than Rapport building it is knowing when to engage, when not to engage, and when to bring other resources into the situation!
5.  Empathy – If all you care about is what YOU want out of the situation – a SALE – you will have a hard time getting anywhere in the long run.  You need to be able to understand and Feel the Key Customer issues and REALLY decide you want to address them.

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