Sales Thought: The Importance AND Opportunity in Starting the Next Sales Cycle with a newly sold Customer

Starting the next sales cycle with an existing customer.

There are a 2 key things you can at the close of the First Sales cycle to better position yourself for the next sale within Account.

1. Make sure you have done your homework and demonstrated you understand the customer’s existing and evolving business issues.
2. Ensure you help the customer understand how you can help them address their current need AND longer-term needs.

Utilize the end of the sales cycle to get establish new relationships within the customer’s business. Why at the end of the Sales Cycle? Because it is the most likely time for the customer to share information with you, because you are trying to sell them Anything!

I think all Sales should end with a “Kick-Off event”. It is natural for sales professionals to celebrate the A Close, but the hard account work is just beginning. Successful implementation will require considerable amounts of time, effort and resources from the buyer and the seller. A kick-off event both thanks the customer for their business and ensures the Implementation gets off to a good start.  You should invite all the key decision makers to the event. The odds of them showing up are surprisingly good. They bought your product and want to know more. While we are not here to sell, the setting provides an ideal time to ask questions of the decision makers and gather some valuable insights. A Kick-Off event provide a great environment for several reasons:

• The Sale (at least the original one) is done and there is no pressure on their company to buy anything now.
• The questions you ask are focused on the company’s business and future plans.
• People like talking about their own company, and if you ask thoughtful questions, you are likely to get insightful answers.

Said another way: Relax and learn!

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