Sales Thought: In Sales, you Focus had to be Consistent and Continuous!

Execute transactions within the framework of the overall Sales Strategy to stay on course!

There are many ways to sell – no question about it. The most interesting approach I see is by salespeople claiming to be strategic, but focusing instead on selling short-term deals. My experience is that it is very hard to be both strategic and short-term deal focused on the same account.

Selling is a balancing act of having and executing an overall strategy built around long-term customer needs while being  Continuous and Consistent manner.

• Continuous: You must work on building a relationship that stresses long-term continuity to the customer – indicating that it’s not about this one project or one deal, but the long-term relationship.

• Consistent: You have to be sure that you don’t get focused on any one aspect of the plan. Consistently focusing on all plan components that are important to the customer, not just the closing. Inconsistency can make you seem like ALL you care about is getting that deal done.

It’s perfectly fine to have a goal of getting a deal done, but the customer usually is interested in your focus on a bigger picture that will result in a long-term relationship. Successful sales people continuously and consistently focus on an overall relationship that goes much further than one transaction.

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