Sales Thought: Periodically – Do you own Critical Assesment on Activities for ALL Accounts/Customers!

One of the most difficult things for sales people to do is to stop doing “Things.”  Sales people often focus on “staying busy” and on Activity. While activity is important, it can be very dangerous to find yourself in an Activity mode, simply doing things without having an overall Game Plan in place. There are Sales People and Sales Managers who Focus on Activity being the “Holy Grail” of all Sales.  I am not saying that Numbers are not important.  But Not all Numbers and Not all The time!

Great Salespeople are very good at critically assessing themselves. They focus on determining what needs to be done for each Account/Customer on a fairly continual basis. The reason that this is important: if you keep doing “Things” that are not Consistently connected to higher-level Strategies, Goals, or Objectives, you end up with a finished a set of activities. But you may still find you ask yourself:

“Why did I just do all of those things for this Customer/Account/Opportunity?  I did not close anything!”

As an Example: Consider Government Programs: In most Governments, Most often, once they are started, It is almost unheard of to get them Stopped.  Be sure your Sales Activities are not Done “Because that is what I Always Do!”  Be Critical of your activities on a Consistent Basis.

Critical Assessment separates Great from Good Sales People

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