Sales Thought: Senior Management: Are You Managing your teams based on an Account Execution Plan?

Planning is a time-consuming activity for a Sales Team. The most important thing is that the plan be actively used.   If not actively utilized by the sales organization AND Company Management, it is just a Check the Box Exercise that is a waste of everyone’s Time!.

Sales management needs to show that it doesn’t just give lip service to planning. An Account Execution Plan must be in place and used by everyone to Gain Resources at an Account.  If not, why take away time from the Sales Team to build the Plan in the first Place?

A good strategy is for senior sales executives is to ensure that, once built, Strategic Account plans are being reviewed and by Company Senior Management.


  1. I disagree. Most sales plans are useless and one-sided and have no understanding of the goals of the prospect. Executive management for the vendor rarely alters their interaction with the prospect based on the sales plan. 90% of the time the sales plan is tossed as the rep and the immediate support people for the rep respond to the whims of a prospect that is misunderstood. Also, if the prospect doesn’t have a plan (and they rarely do) then the plan by the rep is a wild guess.


    1. Sean: I understand your point. I developed My Account Execution Planning Process for all of the Reasons you state, but no argument from me that most people don’t plan. You know the advantage of not Planning, Right? “Failure comes as a Complete Surprise and is not preceded by a period of uncertainty and Worry!”


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