Sales Thought: In 2015, the most Dangerous Approach is to maintain Status Quo. Key Words: New & Execution

This make be obvious to many of you.  But it is surprising how many people Spend so much time defending Status Quo in their Companies, their Personal Lives, their Organizations.

You may look at me and think: “Change is Bad, I like things to stay the way they are and were.”

I encourage you to take a Deep Breath and Remember this: Status Quo is Dangerous.  If you are not moving forward, you are, but Definition, moving backwards.


Two Key words:

New – Look at all you are doing and think of New ways you might do it.  It is deadly to think that because it worked last time, it will work this time! – Your Competition  won’t stay put!

Execution – Think about and Evaluate your Processes to determine how you can upgrade, update and Enhance your processes – Execution is EVERYTHING in the year 2015!

Successful Sellers and Sales oriented Companies ALWAYS Challenge themselves.

And Finally, When in Doubt:

Always Be Learning!!!!

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