Sales Thought: Co-Opetition is the new Normal. Learn to work within in that scheme and be better at fewer things to be at selling overall!

Competition is not by any means gone.  But more and more, companies that used to be All-Out Competitors are learning to work within a Framework of Co-Opetition..  This is more out of necessity than anything else.   The same should be true for Sellers!

Smart companies recognize what they are good at, and more and more, Focus on those areas.  It makes them better, and is better for their customers.   Sellers should think this same way as well.

From a Sales Perspective, you should recognize what you are good at and stay focused there.  You will be much more effective if you focus on a few things you are very good at, rather than trying to say you are good at everything.  In some cases, it means you should Partner more effectively.

Learn what you are good at and do More Things the right way!

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