Sales Thought: The best Cure for Losing is to Fight a New Fight!

I have seem very good sales people who have lost.  They wonder why, blame themselves, Their company, their Circumstances, etc.

When a GREAT Sales Person loses, they are focused on getting back and fighting again.  No matter the reason, no matter the circumstance, GREAT Sales Resources want to Learn from every situation and will figure out how to win the next battle.

Sales is a Hard Profession.   In this day and age, people have to be very aware of so many Competitive aspects.

When you lose – and even Great Sales People Lose you have to do some heavy self-examination, determine what happened, take responsibility, and Correct the situation so next time it won’t happen.

If you have not Lost, you have not Competed.  So don’t think for a minute that Great Sales People don’t lose.  They do they just know how to Come back better!

Fight A New Battle!  The Absolute Best Cure for Losing!

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