Sales Thought: See how long you can go in Selling without talking about Your Product!

It may seem a little strange to be thinking about Selling and NOT mentioning What you Sell!  Sellers may be thinking:

“Clearly He has Lost His Mind.  I have a Great Product/Service!”

I am sure you do- as a Seller, it is good that you believe in your Product/Service.  But understand there are MANY Sellers  out there who think that their Product/Service is Just as Good.

What Separates the Good from Great Seller is the Ability to Communicate what you Sell without Shoving Product Down People’s Throat.  Great Sellers Learn How to Position from the Inside Out.  They focus on Why a Prospect Should Listen to Your First.  By doing this, they make the Potential Customer Curious.  Once a Potential Customer is Curious, there are many places you can take them.  Until They are Curious, all you are doing is Pushing Product at Them!

I hope this makes sense to some of you!

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